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Description of Age of Strategy

Age of Strategy is a free turn based Strategy Game set in the Age of Empires and knights, vikings and samurais, winged hussars and Templars and many more!
Loads of campaigns, skirmishes and multiplayer games are waiting for you!

NOT a pay to win game! The in-app payment option is for donations only.
The game is a retro-like 8-bit game, so it is not pretty and it has no fancy animations. This is a pure gameplay-oriented turn based strategy.

- More than 500 Campaign maps to pass (Historical ones too! eg: Battle of Troy and so on)
- More than 140 Skirmish maps to fight on
- More than 350 units and buildings
- More than 120 technologies to invent
- Rewarding system: Collecting stars on each map (Based on your performance) will grant you gems used for unlocking new troops or buildings!
- Spell Upgrades: Do you find a map too hard? You can ease the difficulty with various spells that can be bought with gems! (Used on consumption)
- Battle against AI on skirmish maps like in classic strategy games!
- Battle against or with real players worldwide!
- Design your own maps with the Map Editor feature! (Still in Beta)
- Achievement system to make your experience more enjoyable!
- A friend list! Go out there and meet new people!
- Upgrades section containing hundreds of new units, technologies and buildings openable with gems (Including some fun units)!


There are many requests for new and unique units (eg. historical heroes), I am pretty open to this since it's pretty easy to implement a new unit. Please join the

forum, post there the idea and i will make it!


- Please be kind with the rating, since this app is in the middle of development.
- Feel free to send me any suggestions concerning any part of the game (Gameplay, units, unit properties, new unit suggestions, graphics etc...)
- If you would like to take part in creating this game (eg. graphics, translation, ideas) send me an email and/or join the forums!


1. Go to Single Player (Or skirmish)
2. Play a map
3. If you have any, send me suggestions!
4. If not, enjoy the game!

Have fun!

Version history Age of Strategy
New in Age of Strategy 1.142
Conversion:IMPORTANT! Many old format maps were converted to new format, with a little decoration added. PLEASE FINISH your ongoing campaign maps before getting this version!

New campaign maps:in Rebel King Campaign
Bugfix:Workers can auto build properly again
New in Age of Strategy 1.1411
+Condotiero crash is fixed
New random map:Hell in a dryspell
New campaign maps:in Rebel King Campaign
Change:Workers can now use new abilites to place road or stone road over building and special ability to finish this construction.
Change:Monk can also be trained in churches.
Change:Roman Aenator hp 6->11, power 0->4, additional melee category.
Change:Drummer hp 6->11.
... many many other changes - see version log....
New in Age of Strategy 1.1401
+fix: archer hero unit crash fixed
New units:
Celtic Veteran Roundhouse
Celtic Chariot
Celtic Chieftain
Celtic Saethwr
Celtic Woad Spearman
Persian War Elephant
Nordic Warlord
Primitive Maceman
Aztec Slinger
Elite Celtic Warrior
Elite Guerilla.
Master Guerilla.
New maps, many..
New Skinpack:Guardsmen
New Translation:Indonesian
Changes: many many - see version log
Decorative feature:attack animations in some units
Fix in Mapeditor:Hills are autotiled again
New in Age of Strategy 1.1391
Fix:Last Shopitem appearance fixed
Fix:Trigger messages problem fixed (appeared on afew campaigns)
Fix:You can not steal tech by occupying mines
New in Age of Strategy 1.139
New upgrades:
Elite Armored Spearman
Master Armored Spearman
New campaign: Exile
New random map:several, see verison log
Old-New random maps:The temporarily removed maps are back again with a little decorative upgrading
UI change:Button on map creation will drop down a list to chose from (eg. color chooser)
UI Change:Filter option on random map / multiplayer map selection
Change, Bugfix:many, see version log.
Fix:Game fullscreen problems fixed on a few devices
New in Age of Strategy 1.138
Change:Scout bird, Hwacha , Maori, Bard, Berserker (see details in version log)
New feature:You can leave towns in multiplayer games (eg. for offering to ally)
New campaign:Descent, thanks to Nathan
New random map:Bluestone Mountain 27x32, Clash at spee 21x21, 45 Degree hell 45x45, Estuary of Kings 29x29
New cosmetics:Loader screens
Translation:Chinese translation updated
New in Age of Strategy 1.137
New campaign:Yaren Clan
New random map:Njorlund 50x50
Translation:Arabic(menu + dialogs)
Translation:Polish translation
New in Age of Strategy 1.136
Change: Mining carts stats changed
Change: Coolguy (special ee unit) changed stats
Change: Laborers now can build roads, trenches, moats, canals and make terrain clearing.
Change: Miners can now build trenches, moats, canals and make terrain clearing.
Bugfix: Flying units were incapable of movement through few icewater and other passable shallows terrains.
Bugfix: Viking ship couldn't be carried. It created problems with movement through e.g. towns.
New Leaderboard:Top Level players
New in Age of Strategy 1.135
Change: Persian immortal melee hp 25->28, armor 2/5 -> 4/5.
Change: Persian immortal ranged hp 25->28, power 5->6, range 5->6.
Change: Bard Battle Song affects only melee now.
Bugfix: Bushido, Holy Mission and Divine Right auras affect only flesh and blood units now.
Bugfix: Germany map is fixed
New in Age of Strategy 1.134
New random map:Frigid fringes, Germany 31x24
Change: Camel archer is now affected by archer blacksmith upgrades.
Bugfix: Herbalist has female voice now.
Bugfix: Drummer had horse archer sounds.
Bugfix: Coolguy could be carried, like foot unit.
Bugfix: Crusader Halbeldier was missing Foot category, making it unable to be carried by many units.
Bugfix: Hwacha can be carried again.
Bugfix: Ranger, ninja had some problems with forest movement.
Fix:Several sound bugs are fixed
New in Age of Strategy 1.133
New campaign:Asgeir thanks to Badnorth
Requested feature:Cancel production on factories (open production list an on bottom left a red link to cancel)
Change:All Mercenaries requires Writing tech. Also Ronin and English Longbow changed stats and moved to it specific building
Change:More units and abilities have proper sounds, CoolGuy can be carried by bridges.
Bugfix: Peasant archer on wrong buildlist, Mine on mountainous terrain produced unmovable units.
New in Age of Strategy 1.132
New units:
Camel Archer
Macedonian Phalangite
Nodachi Samurai
Yumi Samurai -
Raider Archer
Balearic Slinger
Change: many many changes - see version log
Fix: Language selection problems are fixed
New in Age of Strategy 1.1311
+ few Fixes
New campaign:Newbie challenges, Snowy campaign thanks to BadNorth!
New techs:
Boarding Effectiveness - increases boarding ships chance of succeed in capturing enemy ships.
New random maps:Open fields 30x30, Canal 25x25
New skins:Draxolan Guardians pack, and some new in Tempest
New skins: Many skins added to tempest skin pack
Change:Masonry hp +50%->+34%, Mending bonus +50%->+34%.
Change: ... many many other changes, see version log...
New in Age of Strategy 1.1302
Hotfix: Wolf warrior 0 hp and ability crash is fixed
New in Age of Strategy 1.129
Multiplayer games:If all of your allies are AI controlled you have a button to take control of AI units
Bug Fix:Units can transform in buildings finally... eg: Trebuchet unpacking
Bug Fix:Trebuchet stand can move after packing in same turn
Bug Fix:Trebuchet stand from now upgrading to heavy trebuchet when upgrade tech is invented
New in Age of Strategy 1.128
Bug Fix:Wood removal is not crashing anymore (on old maps).
Bug Fix:Some maps fixed: Ambition:Payback, Old enemy, Savage Story:7 training.
Bug Fix:Some random maps fixed: Soggy sales, Underworld.
New in Age of Strategy 1.126
New random maps:Island hopping 31x31
Many New random maps:Aerolian, atikquesum, amafis, brutal sanction, coldhenzie, interlude maraot, avantine, another island, anberg thanks to DoomsdayDragonfire
New skinpack:Tempest
Mapeditor Changes: many changes, check the version log.
Change:Allies can step on each other's bridges
Help Change:On unit statsheet the Active Effects section is clickable to open details. and a few more.
Fix:Castles are building units wisely again
New in Age of Strategy 1.125
New units:
Hospitaller Halberdier - heavy infantry anti-mounted unit with healing.
Elite Hospitaller Halberdier - More hp, more armor, more power, more heal.
New techs:
Chants - give monks ability to buff healers and converters.
Fix:AI prduces things in castles again
Fix:Cannoneer, Hwatcha have no need "ignite", but they can not shoot out of towers and buildings
Fix:All siege can not shoot out of towers and buildings
Fix:Siege units are produced in unpacked form
New in Age of Strategy 1.124
Change:From now you can build 1.25x more factories than TC-s you have(but min 1 factory)
Change:From now you can only build half many Mega buildings (eg.Castles) - but min 1
Fix:Enemy Stealth units can not be targeted with abilities either
Fix:Healer fixes: priory, monastery, monk and cathedral
Fix:Mega buildings are shooting automatically again
Fix:AI and endturn automatisms uses unit abilities/spells better
AND many many many many other changes - see in version log.
New in Age of Strategy 1.123
New campaign:Puzzles
New random maps:Frozen Wilderness 40x40, Sacrifices 20x10, Soggy Sails 30x30, An impasse 15x15
Change:Under construction buildings little harder to take down
Change:Boaring ships can only convert ships
Change:All targetable healing features gone to be abilities (little button on bottom right), healer, priest, bishop and so on
Fix:The lasts of the aura problems are fixed lol :)
New in Age of Strategy 1.1222
Fix:Healers can heal again
Fix:Spy have no deathtouch anymore
update: Fix:Conversion spell probability fixed
Attention:there were several core changes (eg. about conversion) please email me if I made any mistake causing a bug - thanks!
Feature:mercenary can decrease production cost instantly by a new ability
New Convert Mechanics:Healers have new convert mechanics
.. see the rest in version log
New in Age of Strategy 1.121
New campaign maps:in Power Creep campaign
Change:Most abilities can target units inside TC-s (e. Cannonball ability, and herbal enchantment)
Change:Production speedup units are not consumed if they are in auto move with waypoint or in stand ground stance
Fix:Maceman and Heavy Horsearcher now depend on their own techs.
New in Age of Strategy 1.119
New cosmetics:Loading screens
New cosmetics:Teuton skins
Fix:Spartan hoplite skin is fixed
New in Age of Strategy 1.118
New Campaign:Rise Of Namu
New feature:Unit skins and skin packs, also selectable loading screens
New settings option:Movement confirmations can be turned off
Egg hunt:Lets reheat the egghunt, the Easter Egg was replaced!
Change:Bet games can only be run on equal team sizes
New feature:Search: buildlist/mapeditor/help/cosmetics unitlist everywhere there is a search button to filter the unit types
Fix:Aura units inside rams or wagons bug is fixed
New in Age of Strategy 1.117
New random map:Lakes around
Fix:Few fixes on double tapping on game launch buttons
Fix:Few fixes on double tapping on daily gift collecting
New in Age of Strategy 1.1161
+ Fix on latest update
New multiplayer map:Forbidden land the bridge
New campaign maps:in Power Creep campaign
Fix:Aura overlapping problems are fixed
New units:
Mining carts

Calling Crusade

Crusade Leader
Mounted Teuton Knight
Teuton Lancer
Teuton Komtur

New techs:
Unit Changes:
many other changes... see in changelog.

Fix:Little speedup of game launch
New in Age of Strategy 1.1151
(+Fix on a new multiplayer map)
New unit:
Battlefield Blacksmith
Unit Changes: (see in version log)

Feature:You can have multiple consumables in shop (like "Unlock map")
New multiplayer skirmish map:Rocky Archipelago and 2v2
Daily gift button:Under Others menu there is a button to see upcoming daily gifts anytime
New in Age of Strategy 1.1121
A fix of a rare crash on app launch
Net thrower fixed in Upgrades section.
New in Age of Strategy 1.111
2020-01-25 version 1.111
New UI feature:the long waited pinch zoom, and some scroll speed adjustments, please feedback me if u see any problems with it - thanks!
New UI feature:longpressing on a tile will let the selected unit(s) to get new waypoint.
Pathfinding (waypoint) fixes:It will chose fastest ways (roads, avoid woods etc.), and goes diagonally if that is the direction
New in mapeditor:many new condition options and some fixes in trigger editor conditions
New in Age of Strategy 1.110
New units:
Upgrades for several factory buildings
New feature:Clicking on unit stat Tab (on top right of game screen) will bring up statistics and already invented techs
New feature:Campaign shows progress, and checkmark
New in mapeditor:new Lava-grass terrain transition
Changed look:on some basic buildings
Fix:Kingdom come - Flames of revenge is fixed
Fix:I themes maps like Hungarian history, AI will only build units of the theme
Fix:Easter Egg units will not be produced by AI
New in Age of Strategy 1.1091
+ Fix:Castle and factory building counting is fixed (v1.109 bug)
New units:
New terrains: Water-snow, ice-water
Change: Mounted units -1 speed penalty in forest (excluding elephants, and chariots)
Change: Most units +1 speed bonus on road (chariot gets 2)
Change: Ships +2 speed bonus on deep water (darker than normal)
(and much more - but we are lack of space here, see version log)
Bugfix: Pay Mercenary properly gives 4 turns.
Fix:Help, mapeditor help are pinch-zoomable from now
New in Age of Strategy 1.106
New units:
- High Castle
- Chapel
- Great Flag
Change: Many-many-many balancing changes - see version log.
New in Age of Strategy 1.1051
+ mapfix on Abridged map
New units:
- Wolf Hole
- Frisian Horse
- Caltrops
- Foot Knight and upgrades
New skirmish map:Abridged
Change:Hoplite and Pretorian cost 6 turns
Change:Lightened Massacre a little
Change:Heavy foot melee has bonus against all archers
Change:Crossbowman and arbalest redesign
New in Age of Strategy 1.104
New units:
Turtle machine
Fire Siphon Ship
Ballista Ship
Change:The new units go between Pikeman-Halberdier and Lancer-Heavy lancer
Change:Cavalier nerfed to 45hp, 14 power, 3/2 armors
Change:Revised ships and siege machine build times by workers
Change:Reach tech gives First Attack ability instead of increasing power
New in Age of Strategy 1.103
New units:
Cannoneer upgrade
Fix:Polish characters fixed
Fix:Some security fixes for the game (continuing from prev version)
New in Age of Strategy 1.100
New units:
Roman Praetorian, Elite Longbowman, Highlander
Auxiliary spearman, Hospitaller and upgrade, Caravel
Nordic Hall, Axe thrower upgrade, Caravel
Missionary upgrade, Raider
Change:Most of the unit definitions moved to files - please report if we accidentally changed existing unit stats
Change:Main Menu texts slightly changed: ... see version log
Change:Poison arrows are stacking!,
New Feature:Multiplayer games tries to get REAL ONLINE, will work only ...(see in version log)
New in Age of Strategy 1.0981
+Hatamoto is fixed
New random map:FortKnight
New:in mapeditor you can define player spawnpoints for random maps.
Change:Templar and Voulgier stats changed
Change:Main Menu texts slightly changed
New in Age of Strategy 1.0933
+ 2nd Fix on rare Android 8 bug (app wont launch)
+ Fix on rare Android 8 bug (app wont launch)
+ Fix on transportship upgrade
New unit: Demolition boat and upgrade
New unit: Petardier
New unit: Heavy Trebuchet
New unit: Heavy Quadrireme
New unit: Upgraded Transportship
New unit: Armored Battering ram
Change: Great transportship got cheaper, castle, fort, fortress have more bonus on ships
New in Age of Strategy 1.088
New unit: Persian Immortal
Change:catapults, cannoneer, cannon ship, trebuchet has minimal range 3, catapult ship minimal range 2
New Mapeditor feature:You can define Objectives for the player, read the help for more
New in Age of Strategy 1.087
New unit: Hwacha
Fix: rare buildlist scrolling crash is fixed
New in Age of Strategy 1.085
New unit: Heavy Chariot Archer
Feature:HP changes damage/heal are displayed over the unit after the attack/healing
New in Age of Strategy 1.084
New gui option:Next unprocessed unit button (press next turn button to activate)
Fix:Tower, fortress and Castle pierce armors are increased
Fix:Mapeditor maps appear properly in own maps section
New in Age of Strategy 1.082
Bugfixes on latest update, eg. the invite friend button is fixed.
New in Age of Strategy 1.080
Rare multiplayer games listing crash
New in Age of Strategy 1.078
AI will not build Special units (eg. Coolguy),
fixed random crashes on some maps,
also fixed cavalier coloring
New in Age of Strategy 1.075
Fix:Castles can build units again
New in Age of Strategy 1.073
New campaign:Savage Story, thanks to Bruce Hartman!
New unit: Onmyoji
New unit: Tiger tank as a FUN mode unit - teaser for upcoming WW2 version
New unit: Uruk Hai as a FUN mode unit - teaser for Age of Fantasy version, download and try it!
Change:New build stages on Stable and Siege workshop and Blacksmith
Change:BAdge system changed based only on activeness
New in Age of Strategy 1.072
New:In friendlist u see which players want to be your friends
New unit: Heavy Vouglier
Change:Battering ram and H. battering ram fixes, eg. skirmishers can go in
Change:New bridge appearances
New in Age of Strategy 1.071
New unit: Poison horse archer
Fix: Friendslist now really works :)
New in Age of Strategy 1.070
New unit: Palisade gate
New in Age of Strategy 1.069
New:in Multiplayer games: Friendlist and Banlist is introduced
New:Achievements arrived!
New units: Daimyo
Change:Barracks and archery range got build stages thanks to Godofkings!
Change:Stone bridge become 3dish autotiled tanks to GodOfKings and Avalyin!
Change:skirmisher bonuses changed against elephant archers!
Fix:Fort stats are fixed
New in Age of Strategy 1.067
New units: Heavy battering ram
Scout dog upgrade to War dog
Heavy Knight to Cavalier upgrade
Heavy Shield Knight
Heavy Elephant archer
Change:Mameluke get some range
Change:In statsheets the bonuses are described using category names
New in Age of Strategy 1.066
New random map:Indigo sea thanks to Cedric Kropp!
New ui feature:You can move units between encapsulated carriers by dragging unit to parent carrier!
New in mapeditor:You can resize your maps u design!
Fix:Some reported crash fixes - thanks for the reports! also fix in Carnage 4th map.
New in Age of Strategy 1.065
New random map:Abandoned Village thanks to Nickeda!
New multiplayer skirmish map:Castle fight thanks to Godofkings!
New units: Templar knight upgrade, Viking Berzerk, Yabusame, Skirmisher horseman, Amazon blowdart, Peasant, Fort, Technology: Tight fabric
Feature:by clicking badge and badge data....
New mapeditor units:Janissary and Conquistador units
Change:Some of the animals show a little hostility (eg. wolf)
Fix:Battering ram and other carrier fixes
New in Age of Strategy 1.063
New campaign:Rebel Planet, thanks to Bruce Hartman! (extra big and long maps)
Fix:Fixes on badge logics, and some bugs
New in Age of Strategy 1.0621
1.621: Fix on some crashes regarding the new production-bubble (some techs caused crash)
New units: Musketeer
New FAN maps:2 maps one with Millenium Falcon, thanks to Tam Stanley!
New button and settings option:You can turn on/off the little current production indicator bubble on factory buildings
Change:You can set the unit order in TCs by this you can set which will be attacked by enemies
Fix:Ninja and Battering ram fixes
New in Age of Strategy 1.061
New units: Mahout
New campaign map:in Suhari kongdom, thanks to Ayush!
Fix:Legion training fixes
New in Age of Strategy 1.0601
Fix: Techs tab crash in Stable is fixed
New in Age of Strategy 1.059
ANNOUNCEMENT:WORLD WAR II version! We need testers, please email the DEV if you want to join!
New units: Atl-Atl Spahi Shield Knight Chariot Upgrade
New map:in Suhari Kingdom campaign
New multiplayer scenario maps:Regicide, capture the flag, Last Raiders
New random map:Wargods
Change:Max pop limit is 800
Change:Converting an upgraded unit will give a chance to steal the upgrade tech
Reminder:AGE Of FANTASY is out in Google Play!
New in Age of Strategy 1.058
New campaign:The Rebel King, thanks to GodOfKings!Stat Change:Ballista, and Heavy ballista a bit nerfedReminder:AGE Of FANTASY is out in Google Play!
New in Age of Strategy 1.057
New map type:We introduced the multiplayer skirmish maps...New setting:in the settings you can turn on the in-game software menu buttonNew unit:Heavy ballista,Heavy WarElephantNew tech:Legion Training - makes your roman army stronger when they are in groupsNew campaign:Suhari kingdom, thanks to AyishTiwari!Change:being kicked or on withdrawing an ally will get ...Stat Change:Turtle shipFix:Rare withdraw bug is fixedReminder:AGE Of FANTASY is out in Google Play!
New in Age of Strategy 1.056
ANNOUNCEMENT:WORLD WAR II version! We need testers, please email the DEV if you want to join!New unit:DojoNew random map:Dead Maiden thanksMapeditor:New trigger condition, and new decorations, obstacles (many: 30+)Change:Laborer can build palisades and watch towersReminder:AGE Of FANTASY is out in Google Play!
New in Age of Strategy 1.054
New unit:Siege TowerNew music:new ingame music by Crusoe on youtube, thanks!New random map:Hunger Pirate Gmes thanksChange:You can multiselect buildings for WaypointingChange:Longclicking on production slot will put the latest production set here tooChange:Longclicking on waypoint button in a factory will put the latest waypoint destination set here tooStat Changes:HatamotoFix:You can delete custom maps and market mapsReminder:AGE Of FANTASY is out in Google Play!
New in Age of Strategy 1.050
ANNOUNCEMENT:WORLD WAR II version! We need testers, please email the DEV is you want to join!Fix:New Crash fix on starting up appFix:Multiselect leaves white box bug is fixedFix:Catapult area damage can hurt spiesReminder:AGE Of FANTASY is out in Google Play!
New in Age of Strategy 1.048
ANNOUNCEMENT:WORLD WAR II version! We need testers, please email the DEV is you want to join!New feature:Ranged units show their range of attackNew random map:Great Throne thanks to Joshua ChavezNew campaign maps:in Heir To The Throne, thanks to LordOfAles!New campaign map:in Aquarias, thanks to DoomCarrot!New mapeditor assets:new neutral buildings and shipwreck!Reminder:AGE Of FANTASY is out in Google Play!
New in Age of Strategy 1.047
ANNOUNCEMENT:WORLD WAR II version! We need testers, please email the DEV is you want to join!New campaign:War of Factions, thanks to Pu55inboots!New campaign:Heir To The Throne, thanks to LordOfAles!New feature:Send screenshot optionFix:The waypoint auto-walking will not fill up your TCs anymore!Change:Mendships got cheaper and can not construct ships, they can only mend them.Reminder:AGE Of FANTASY is out in Google Play!
New in Age of Strategy 1.046
Fix: Multiplayer Skip player bug is fixed
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